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Email Tutoring gives the student the chance to start, complete or solve a particular part of a program. Students email to us their program description and code they have started for a quote. Once they accept the quote we begin working on their program. Payment is requested after a program is completed. Once payment is received we email the solution to them. Payment by PayPal or Credit Card according to fee schedule on right.

Our Fee's
Tiny Programs $15-$20
Small Programs $25-$30
Medium Programs $45-$60
Large Programs $75-$90
Projects $120 up
tutoring by email
Skype™ Tutoring is very successful. We help you write your program step by step Online by sharing your screen with our instructor. The instructor will guide the student step by step to develop a working program. In a few sessions students who can barely program can start developing programs on their own. Skype Tutoring is available only on request. Program description required in advance. Payment by PayPal or Credit Card @ $30 per hour.

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